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Portable toilets on side of street

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For over two decades, R&R Sanitation has proudly served as the leading provider of portable toilets, sanitation solutions, and construction equipment in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and beyond. We take immense pride in being your trusted resource, catering to all your job site and event needs with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

We believe in empowering you with valuable insights, showcasing our track record of excellence, and sharing the experiences of our satisfied customers. In doing so, we help you make informed decisions for your next construction project, home renovation, special event, or seasonal needs. Our goal is to ensure you can navigate the world of sanitation and construction with confidence—we’ll have your back around every turn.

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At R&R Sanitation, we strive to keep you informed so your construction site, special event, or renovation project has the sanitation equipment and resources to keep things running smoothly.

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We tailor our equipment and services to your unique needs, ensuring prompt, reliable solutions for your construction, event, or project. Reach out to R&R Sanitation today to start elevating your experience.

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At R&R Sanitation, we know that each project, event, or job site has different needs and equipment requirements. That’s why we’re proud to provide high-quality equipment and services for your business.